Alabama is the sharpshooter of Unit 13.


Based on his accent, Alabama likely originates from the southern United States, perhaps the state of Alabama based on his codename, although whether this is a reference to his birthplace or a remark on his overall southern nature is unknown.

Alabama first appears on the Unit 13 Obstacle Course when Animal is training to become a full-fledged Unit 13 member.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Level 1 Edit

  • Longshot Bonus
  • Improved SR Reload
  • Improved SR Recoil
  • Headshot Kill Bonus 1
  • Stealth Kill Bonus 1
  • Headshot Streak Time 1
  • Stealth Streak Time 1

Level 2 Edit

  • Mk 20
  • Improved Claymore Capacity

Level 3 Edit

  • Headshot Kill Bonus 2
  • Stealth Kill Bonus 2

Level 4 Edit

  • Team Low Variable Scope
  • Superior SR Reload

Level 5 Edit

  • Headshot Streak Time 2
  • Stealth Streak Time 2

Level 6 Edit

  • Team SR-25
  • Headshot Kill Bonus 3
  • Stealth Kill Bonus 3

Level 7 Edit

  • Team Claymore Mine
  • Superior SR Recoil

Level 8 Edit

  • Improved Scope Pack
  • Increased Stealth

Level 9 Edit

  • M82A3
  • Superior Claymore Capacity

Level 10 Edit

  • Headshot Streak Time 3
  • Stealth Streak Time 3

Weapons Edit

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