Zeus is the pointman of Unit 13. He is most likely of German descent.

Skills and abilities Edit

Level 1 Edit

  • Explosives Resistance
  • Improved shotgun reload
  • Improved shotgun recoil
  • Redline Bonus 1
  • CQB Kill Bonus 1
  • Stealth Streak Time 1
  • Multi-Kill Time 1

Level 2 Edit

  • R11-87
  • Improved Concussion Grenade Capacity

Level 3 Edit

  • Redline Bonus 2
  • CQB Kill Bonus 2

Level 4 Edit

  • Team Foregrip
  • Superior shotgun reload

Level 5 Edit

  • Stealth Streak Time 2
  • Multi-Kill Time 2

Level 6 Edit

  • Team M4 Super 90
  • Redline Bonus 3
  • CQB Kill Bonus 3

Level 7 Edit

  • Team Mark 3 A2 Concussion Grenade
  • Superior shotgun recoil

Level 8 Edit

  • A-LIT Foregrip
  • Increased Speed

Level 9 Edit

  • Daewood USAS-12
  • Superior Concussion Grenade Capacity

Level 10 Edit

  • Stealth Streak Time 3
  • Multi-Kill Time 3

Weapons Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When he has unlocked the Slug Ammo attachment, his shotgun will be effective both at close range and long distance. This makes him useful for Deadline and Elite missions.
  • He receives a score bonus for killing enemies when he's injured. This can range from +300 XP for light injuries, +600 XP for moderate injuries and +900 XP for heavy injuries.
  • His codename is a reference to the Greek god of heaven and thunder.

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